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Quick note, Hywikis will be transferring host over the next couple of days! Don’t worry, all data is backed up and will the wikis will return completely to normal. The only thing that will change is the landing page, which is getting a redesign to make it leaner and faster 🙂

This new host will provide greater flexibility for our future goals, and most importantly it should provide greater performance.

During this transfer period, there may be some downtime (we will keep this as minimal as possible), and the wikis will be set to read-only to avoid data loss.

As boring as it may seem to some, the Hypixel Wiki is a thriving community-run project, full of history!

In 2013, the Hypixel “Wikia” was founded on FANDOM by the Hypixel community, back in the beta testing days. The Wiki became increasingly well known and popular, peaking at over 500 pages, thousands of editors, and thousands more edits.

By 2019, the Wikia was in control of Kappa and Evita, just before Icy created the Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki, alongside Developer/Modmaker 4hrue2kd83f [Sysop] and Network Moderator Sir_Cow.

Later that year, the two Wikias merged into the Hypixel Wiki Team, adopting an independent site! The project is indefinitely ongoing and is open for everyone to create pages and edit.

There are three wikis on this website: the General Wiki, the SkyBlock Wiki, and the Hytale Wiki.

The Wiki receives a weekly update every Friday at 3:00P.M. CST. Discord, Reddit, and forum threads summarize each week’s updates every Friday. View version history and full patch notes on our website.

Disclaimer: The Hypixel Wiki isn’t and never was affiliated with Hypixel, Inc.